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St. Valentine’s Day ‘2011

On the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day volunteers from the Bulgarian Red Cross gave to pair in love in the city of Varna several thousand paper flowers (origami). Main partner of the event was company PaperMade.

All paper flowers have been handmade by members of the humanitarian organization. The main part of the event was held on the St. Valentine’s Day

The appeal of the campaign was towards ecology and the reduction of the damages on the environment.

Production of expensive gifts causes serious environmental damage. The extraction of precious metals often pollutes water and soil. Expensive household appliances use plastics and copper. The availability of flowers on St. Valentine’s Day they are grown in greenhouses heated by stoves. This introduces in the atmosphere significant greenhouse gases not to mention fertilizers used for processing the soil.

The general motto reads: “An important and beautiful gesture not the price that is behind it.” Even flower made of paper could create a bright and warm memory worthy of love confession. This campaign is part of the initiative Ecology in the city (Urban Ecology) by PaperMade. The aim of the events under this motto is to introduce “green idea” in the urban environment because namely there is brought up the attitude of humanity to the environment.