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SPR Holding supports the Annual Charity Bazaar

SPR Holding, together with the Polish Embassy supported the 21st edition of the Charity Bazaar on the occasion of Christmas and New Year holidays. The bazaar is organized by the International Women’s Club and is one of the largest humanitarian events for the year.

The event was held at Expo Center – Sofia and, during the time it was conducted, was visited by over 10,000 people. A total of 334 680 lev was collected from all the initiatives, which is the greatest achievement so far.


The Ambassador of Poland to Bulgaria – Mr. Krzysztof Kraevski personally expressed gratitude to Mr. Toni Shterev for the support from the SPR Holding. For his part, Mr. Shterev is committed to continue to support the charitable initiatives of the Embassy.

A copy of the letter of thanks from the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland