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Mr.Shterev regarding ESM’s future development

ESM is a leading product in the complex security solutions field. Here’s what the chief executive officer of SPR Holding,
Mr. Shterev commented on the future development of the product.

ESM which is of the PSIM class

The PSIM security management system for large and / or distributed objects daily handles tens of thousands of events from various sensors and video sources. The further development of this class of systems is related to their intellectualisation through the creation and use of automation object models.

For example, the traditional automated security management system can be complemented by a “intelligent component” – a software agent who knows the model of vehicle performance, namely how the vehicle should work and drive. This information can be accessed in the knowledge base in the form of performance or action plan tables (behavioral norms), and then such an agent may be able to compare the work “as how” and “as is” by identifying anomalies in the situation.

As a result, if the vehicle suddenly operates without stopping, deviating from the route or deviating from the intended purpose, then vehicle-related preventive measures should be planned. Such systems where information about a real object of telemetry data is constantly compared to the model’s work (for example, there are many monitored objects in the protected area, and their virtual models are duplicated and altered). They are called cyber physically.

For an airport, the basis for such a new cyber physical management system is not just a set of models of individual parts of the equipment but also a mathematical model of connected devices.

In other words, in such a model, each real object (“physical body”) has its own dual (model – “mental body”) in software that reflects its physical state, plan and prognosis, etc. And if the intruder has penetrated the Transport Security Area through a certain door in the physical world just as it penetrates into the virtual world and has localization at the relevant point of the map or object of observation.

This approach allows you to simulate your behaviorally behavior while controlling a physical object to predict its future probable paths of movement.