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Honey Bees – Means of Living, Ecology and Education

Within the frame of the Health and Ecology project, the beekeeping organizations in the district of Varna, in partnership with PaperMade and the Bulgarian Red Cross, held a series of interactive seminars on the subject of honey production.

During the months of February, March and April of 2014, 28 training sessions were held for pupils in the second to fourth grade in 12 municipalities. The total number of children involved in the training reached 617, and the greatest merit of this initiative is in the fact that all the training modules were conducted by over 200 active beekeepers.

The main accent in the interactive training was placed on the favourable influence of honey products on the human body and the key role of honey bees in the ecosystem of the planet. The classes were held with the help of a number of visual aids including a real beehive with honeycombs, special protective clothing and and a beehive smoker. Each of the open lessons also included   educative film shows on honey bees and their role in the circulation in nature.

The initiative took place under the aegis of the Regional Governor of Varna , Mr. Ivan Velikov, as well as with the kind assistance of the Education Directorate of Varna. Thanks to  PaperMade’s support, every child was not only able to gain new knowledge and impressions, but also received a jar of honey to both enjoy and have as a symbol of healthy and environment friendly way of life.

On April 24th, 2014, a press conference was held in the premises of the Red Cross in Varna with regards to reporting the results of the campaign. At the time of the event, Mrs. Magdalend Ivanova, the regional representative for PaperMade, announced that the company invested a great amount of effort and resources for the purpose of decreasing the ecological impact on the environment and added the following:

“Without honey bees, not only honey, which brings both good health and delight to our table, will disappear, but also thousands of plant species will perish which cannot reproduce without the mediation of these beneficial hard-working insects. This is once again to teach us the lesson that all living organisms on the planet are related and dependent on each other. As representatives of an industrial enterprise, we are clearly aware that it is impossible for modern society to give up the amenities that often cause pollution, but at the same time we are convinced that we could live in a way which is both modern and environment friendly. All of this, however, requires a specific way of thinking to be formed from an early age and supported by institutions and society. It is here that the charm of the current campaign lies: it teaches the new generation to love and understand nature.

The Deputy Chairman of the Nectar regional beekeeper organization, Vyachaslav Kovrayski, added that pupils are most impressed by the honey production equipment and that the next initiative would be building a beehive for educative purposes for the children in the outskirts of the city of Varna.