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Christmas charity ‘2013

On the eve of Christmas and New Year the Bulgarian Red Cross, in cooperation with the Company PaperMade, realized the charitable initiative entitled “Generous to people, caring for the environment.” This is an innovative campaign on par with humanitarian objectives, also pursue the formation of environmental awareness and behavior among youngsters.

Within the event more than 200 students from Varna created their original Christmas cards. The works of the young artists were made on artistic recycled paper and that way they demonstrated their commitment not only to people in need, but also to our common home – the Earth. All cards were key in the charity bazaar to raise funds on the national program “Hot Lunch”, which provides year-round food for the poorest students in Bulgaria. The bazaar was held on 14 and 15 December in Grand Mall Varna.

Company PaperMade was the general sponsor of the event, that affirmed the tradition of partnership, which was established in 2010. Especially for the official start of the initiative in Varna the Executive Director of the company arrived personally – Mr. Toni Shterev. During the press conference in the building of the Bulgarian Red Cross – Varna, Mr. Shterev announced the additional donation by PaperMade for conducting the traditional charity concert “Together for Christmas”. Mr. Iliya Raev, the chairman of the regional organization of the Red Cross, presented his personal gratitude for the financial support.

The concert in the beautiful hall of the Opera House was attended by about 1,000 needy people who in their daily lives have difficulties allocating resources to visit cultural events. The philosophy of the organizers is based on the belief that “both bodies and souls need food.” At the end of the event the whole audience had gifts worth over 10 000 Euros.

Company PaperMade is committed to continue with its support of humanitarian initiatives in Bulgaria in future.