PaperMade is the registered trade mark for all paper products within the structures of SPR Holding, and the manufacture and distribution of such products have been the longest ...

Stretch Film Industry comprises all stretch and pre-stretch film products within the structures of SPR Holding which, in historical plan, represent the second major business of the ...

EU Resins is the SPR Holding brand which marks the company’s dealings in polymeric substances. As a manufacturer of film products, the holding company maintains permanent ...

About us

SPR Holding incorporates the brands of PaperMade, Stretch Film Industry and EU Resins in its structure. The holding company makes sustainable investments in the manufacture of everyday life products as well as in trading in basic raw materials for industrial enterprises.

The company operates exclusively on an industrial level and is only involved in wholesaling. Adherence to this principle guarantees the interest of regional partners who sell the products to end customers throughout Europe.


SPR Holding, together with the Polish Embassy supported the 21st edition of the Charity Bazaar on the occasion of Christmas and New Year holidays. The bazaar is organized by the International Women's Club and is one of the largest humanitarian events for the year.

The event was held at Expo Center - Sofia and, during the time it was conducted, was visited by over 10,000 people. A total of 334 680 lev was collected from all the initiatives, which is the greatest achievement so far ...

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